We Offer Window Tinting to Central Genesee County

We Offer Window Tinting to Central Genesee County

Allow us to shed some light on your tinting project

Did you know that window tinting can protect your upholstery—and your skin—from UV rays? Window tinting also decreases the ambient temperature in your vehicle. Climb into a climate-controlled car, and drive through Burton & Flint, Michigan in style. You won’t get sun in your eyes and you won’t overheat, either.

To schedule a window tinting appointment at American Auto Works, call 810-410-4535 now. We’ll give you a free quote over the phone!

3 reasons to hire American Auto Works, Inc.

  1. We’re prompt and professional – our window tint specialist has nearly 25 years of expertise.
  2. We’ll give you a lifetime warranty – if you notice discoloration, bubbling, fading, peeling or cracking, come back and see us.
  3. We use an automotive cutting plotter – we can tint the windows of any car.