Auto Repair Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers you need in Burton and Flint, MI

American Auto Works is an auto repair shop serving Burton and Flint, Michigan. Our mechanics provide more than 70 years of combined industry experience to handle the repairs and service your car requires. Some frequently asked questions we get include:

What type of auto repairs does American Auto Works auto shop provide?

We can take care of anything from tuneups to AC repairs to brake replacements.

How long does an auto repair usually take?

Depending on the size of the repair and part availability, we strive to repair a vehicle as quickly as possible while keeping a focus on quality.

Do you work on foreign car repairs?

Yes. Our certified mechanics are trained in repairing in domestic and foreign cars. We will give you an honest opinion and perform top-notch repairs.

Do you sell cars?

We occasionally have vintage cars for sale. Be sure to ask us about our inventory.

Why should I get my windows tinted?

Window tinting helps protect your upholstery and skin from harmful UV rays. It can also keep your car cooler on hot summer days.

Why should I get my windows tinted from American Auto Works?

We give free quotes and you get a lifetime warranty on our professional application.

What is involved with auto detailing?

Interior cleaning, including steam cleaners on your carpet, washing your car, cleaning the engine and polishing the exterior.

What type of auto electrical services do you provide?

We work on anything from replacing car batteries to replacing headlight bulbs.

Why should I choose American Auto Works auto shop?

We are knowledgeable mechanics who work on domestic and foreign auto repairs. We offer affordable and reliable pricing with excellent customer service.

Call 810-410-4535 to schedule your auto repair, detailing or window tinting in the Burton or Flint, MI area today.