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Brake Repairs & Replacements
in Burton & Flint, MI

Be Confident That Your Brakes Will Work

Are your brakes grinding or squeaking when applied? Do you have to stomp on your pedal to get your vehicle to come to a complete stop? American Auto Works provides brake repairs and replacements to ensure your safety while driving. You constantly rely on your brakes to stop or slow down your car and want your brakes to always be working properly. Visit American Auto Works today for the reliable brake repairs you need in Burton and Flint, MI.

5 Signs You Should Have Your Brakes Checked

If you hear your brakes squeaking after it’s rained, it’s probably nothing to worry about. The noise should disappear after a few stops. There are other indicators that you should have your brakes examined by a technician, including:
  1. Reduced responsiveness when pressing the pedal
  2. Pulling to one side when the brakes are pressed
  3. Noticing a vibration—this could be a sign of warped rotors
  4. Hearing a loud metallic grinding or growling noise
  5. Noticing a fluid leak under your car

We’ll be happy to take a look at your brake pads and let you know how worn they are and when you’re likely to need replacements. Call 810-410-4535 today to schedule brake service at our auto repair shop.