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Air Conditioning (AC) Repair in Flint & Burton, MI

Bring Your Vehicle to us for Air Conditioning Repairs

Driving without air conditioning can be a stressful and miserable situation in the heat of summer. You can feel the heat coming off the road when you roll the windows down. You get uncomfortable from sweating. American Auto Works provides air conditioning repairs to keep you cool when the temperature rises. We’ll find the cause of your problem and make recommendations and estimates based on what we find. Call 810-410-4535 today to make an appointment for service at our auto repair shop.

3 Common Warning Signs of Air Conditioner Problems

Obviously, if you turn on your car’s air conditioner and don’t get any cold air, you could have a problem with your AC system. You could be out of refrigerant or there might be another issue. There are various signs that your air conditioner needs professional attention, including:
  1. Hearing banging or rattling
  2. Smelling foul odors—this could be a sign of mold growth
  3. Seeing water stains on the inside of your vehicle

Our mechanics will look over your vehicle to determine the source of your problem and recommend repairs or replacement. Visit American Auto Works today to have your car’s air conditioner looked at by a professional in the Burton or Flint, Michigan areas.